Mark, You're very perceptive and a great writer, but I'm frankly getting too tired of people chanting the litany of all the things wrong with American government, over and over again. I've read plenty of American history and am convinced that American Democracy was created to be a fatally flawed system dependent on slavery and imperialism. that can't be repaired. When I was 12, my parents took me on a trip to several European capitals. I was so impressed with everything there, I decided that when I grew up, I would leave the inferior USA and live and work somewhere in Europe. I was always distracted, and though I have traveled in Europe many times, I just couldn't manage living there. Now at age 71, I'm so sick of the American Way, I'm seriously thinking of moving to Europe permanently, soon. I have several good friends who are encouraging that, because they've done so themselves. It seems the only response to your columns, and similar authors. Is this a valid response to the endless and escalating conflicts in American culture?

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