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I offer a unique perspective that is rooted in historically progressive principles but spares absolutely no sacred cows. This is not one more hack newsletter blindly supporting this or that cause, party or sect. I call ‘em as I see ‘em. Nobody gets a pass.

I’ve been a journalist for 50 years having worked for everybody from The Nation to the Los Angeles Times and the Guardian, from The Progressive to Harper’s, and the New Yorker, to the L.A. Weekly and Village Voice among many other outlets. I have produced and reported radio and TV documentaries for Pacifica, the CBC, BBC, Christian Science Monitor Television, PBS Frontline and CBS News.

I have published three non-fiction books including “Pinochet and Me” that was translated into several foreign editions and was a Los Angeles Times Best-Seller.

For 15 years I taught Journalism at the USC Annenberg School spending the last 7 years there as a full time Associate Professor and Founding Director of Annenberg Digital News retiring in 2015.

As a younger man, I worked as translator to Chilean President Salvador Allende and escaped Chile 8 days after the 1973 coup under UN protection.

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Marc Cooper is an award winning writer, journalist and professor.